Rapid Eczema Trials

Joining together to improve the lives of people living with eczema.


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Assessment of eczema using photos 

The Rapid Eczema Trials research project will enable people with eczema to answer questions that they have about living with eczema. We have been developing questions around three themes.

How to bathe

Man bathing face

Have you ever wondered how often to have a bath or shower when you have eczema?

Keep control

Hand applying cream to rash on back of neck

We are looking at the best way to keep control of eczema between flares using topical treatments.

Supporting wellbeing

Woman sitting at end of dock looking at water

We shall investigate if changing how people respond to stress affects eczema.

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We are members of the public working with researchers to design and run clinical trials that answer questions that people have about living with eczema.

If you have questions about how best to manage your eczema, then this project is for you.

Come and join us – together we can improve the lives of people living with eczema.

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Please contact your GP if you require medical or other support for your eczema.