The Rapid Eczema trials research project has been funded by the National Institute for Health & Care Research (NIHR), which is the research arm of the NHS. This project will enable people with eczema to answer questions that they have about how best to care for their eczema.

We are creating an ‘Eczema Science Community’ who will help to design and conduct trials, with support from experienced researchers who will make sure that the highest standards of quality are met. 

The Rapid Eczema Trials project will run several online randomised controlled trials that people with eczema can sign up for and take part in from home. People will be free to choose which trials they take part in and if they want to help design the trials.

This new approach to running trials in partnership with people with eczema is ground-breaking and will allow us to answer questions that are unlikely to be answered through traditional trials.

Together we can make a difference to how we understand and treat eczema.

You can find out more in Frequently asked questions. You can find out who is involved on our People page.

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