Shared Eczema Experiences

What does it mean to live with eczema? The Rapid Eczema Trials project is working with people who have eczema or care for someone who does, and each of them has different experiences of living with the condition. Hear from some of our community as they talk through what it means for them to live with eczema.
Socialising with eczema
Hear eczema sufferer Devin Patel discuss socialising with eczema and how his approach to gut health has made an impact on his eczema.
Understanding eczema
In this video eczema sufferer Tressa Davey tries to dispel the myths and misconceptions around eczema.
Systemic eczema treatments
In this video eczema sufferer Tim Burton looks at his journey with systemic treatments.
Holistic management of eczema
Watch Shakeela Riaz discuss the holistic approach to eczema she uses with her son.
Eczema and relationships
In this video, eczema sufferer Tracy Owen discusses the impact eczema can have on personal relationships, from family dynamics to romantic partnerships.
What is eczema?
In this video eczema sufferer and parent of a child with eczema, Goldie Putrym, discusses the initial confusion about what eczema is (and is not).