Eczema Bathing Study – how often should we bathe?


Have you ever wondered how often to have a bath or shower when you have eczema? 
If so, this study is for you!


Everyone is welcome.  We are looking for people with eczema, of all ages and all backgrounds, to take part. 

When we say “you” in the information below, this means the person taking part in the study – that could be yourself or your child, or someone that you look after. 

If you agree to take part in the study, a special computer programme will put you into one of two groups:

Weekly Bathing Group: will be asked to have a bath or shower 1 or 2 times per week  

Daily Bathing Group: will be asked to have a bath or shower 6 or more times per week 

This will be done randomly, meaning it works like the toss of a coin. It helps make sure our study is a fair test.

You will be in the study for 4 weeks 


  • You will answer some questions online about your eczema each week.
  • You can still wash your face and body at the sink using a flannel or sponge on days when you do not have a bath or shower.  
  • You can also wash your hair between showers or baths.  
  • You can continue to use your eczema treatment as often as you need to. 

Find out more about the Eczema Bathing Study

Child-friendly explanation of the Eczema Bathing Study

Why is this study important? 

We don’t know if taking baths or showers more often or less often is best for your eczema.  

In this Eczema Bathing Study, we are trying to find out if having a bath or shower weekly is better than having a bath or shower every day.  To answer this question, we need about 400 people to take part in our study.  

There are good things about having a bath or shower every day. However, for people with eczema, it might be better to bathe less often.  Here is why….. 

Good things about bathing often:  

  • Keeps the skin clean 
  • Helps to add water to the skin 
  • Washes away things that may cause an eczema flare-up 

    Bad things about bathing often: 

    • Can dry the skin out 
    • Washes away natural oils in the skin 
    • Alters the skin acidity (sometimes known as pH) – this can make eczema worse 
    • Products used in the bath or shower can damage the skin 

    I am interested in taking part in the study!
    What do I do now? 

    Please read the information below and/or watch our videos to help you decide if taking part is right for you or your child. 

    Please get in touch if you have any questions: 

    If you would like to take part click the ‘Join Now’ button.  

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