First published paper from Rapid Eczema Trials project

We have published our first paper from the Rapid Eczema Trials project:

Can an online approach to citizen science revolutionise clinical trials?

Published in The European Health Psychologist journal in February 2024.

Clinical  trials  are the   ‘gold   standard’   for evaluating  new  treatments and approaches in healthcare.  But it takes many years to plan and run the trials, and even more time to analyse the results. They are also expensive and do not necessarily ask the questions that matter most to patients.

In this article, Laura Howells describes how a new citizen science approach, the Rapid Eczema Trials, could go a large way to addressing these issues. Laura discusses how this project uses modified methods to enhance research efficiency, and how coproduction with people with lived experience of eczema can make sure that trials ask the questions that matter most to people with eczema.

You can read the full article here.