Survey results: prioritising questions about bathing

Transcript: Hi everyone. I’m Natalie and I’m a researcher at the Rapid Eczema Trials team. And we wanted to find out what the community and those with eczema want to know when it comes to bathing. So we release a survey, a bathing survey, in which we received 120 responses from all ages and all ethnicities.

And the results were the following: Number one, 50% of respondents wanted to know how often they should shower or bathe when it comes to having eczema. Thirty-four percent wanted to find out if they should use biological or non-biological washing powders. And twenty per cent wanted to know if they should avoid using soaps when bathing or showering with eczema.

And so if you’ve decided to follow through with the top question and we are going to do a trial looking into the frequency of bathing.

We look forward to sharing these results with you, and why don’t you check out our website In the meantime.