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We don’t have any surveys running at the moment, but please visit again soon as we need your views to help design our studies.

Completed surveys – what you have told us so far…..

July 2023: What should we study next?

This survey has helped us to understand the questions about managing eczema that people would most like to see answered by research. We asked you to vote for your favourites out of a list of 32 possible questions.

The 32 questions covered five main areas:

  • What is the best and safest way of using flare control creams for managing eczema?
  • What is the best and safest way of using moisturisers for eczema?
  • What are the best and safest natural products to apply to the skin for managing eczema?
  • What is the role of psychological approaches to managing eczema?
  • What is the role of diet in treating eczema?

See the top four most popular questions here

These questions will now be discussed further by a co-design group including members of the Rapid Eczema Trials Community. If you would like to join one of our co-design groups, please contact us.

April 2023: Helping to design a study to test how often people should have a bath or shower when they have eczema

Having chosen the topic for our first trial, we needed your help to understand how best to design the study and to make sure that as many people could take part as possible.

You can see how your answers helped us to design the Rapid Eczema Trials bathing study here.

Jan 2023: What questions do you have about bathing and eczema?

Many people with eczema struggle to understand how best to wash or bathe. We asked people to vote for the questions that they thought were most important. Everyone could vote for up to three topics. The most popular question was:

“How often should people with eczema have a bath or shower?” and we are now developing a study to answer this question.

You can read the full results of the voting here.

The results of this vote were used by our Rapid Eczema Trials prioritisation group. This group included 12 people with eczema from all backgrounds. They worked together to decide what the first Rapid Eczema Trial should be on and what we should test.

You can hear stories about being involved in the Rapid Eczema Trials project by visiting our blogs page, where citizen scientists have written about their experience of joining this project.

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