The results for the bathing survey are out! We received 120 responses, thank you for voting. These are the questions people with eczema wanted to know more about. We will address the top question in a research study to find out whether the frequency of bathing or showering affects eczema.

How often should people with eczema have a bath or shower? (59)

Are non-biological washing powders better than biological washing powders for washing the clothes of people with eczema? (39)

Does bathing in cooler water improve eczema compared to hotter water temperatures? (28)

Are baths better than showers for eczema? (26)

Does avoiding soap whilst bathing improve eczema? (24)

Do salt baths help eczema? (24)

What is the best way to protect the skin when swimming? (20)

Should moisturisers (emollients) be used after bathing? (17)

How long should you bathe or shower for? (16)

Does avoiding shampoo in the bath/shower help eczema? (15)


Does exfoliating whilst bathing help eczema or make it worse? (15)

Do bleach baths help infected eczema? (15)

Does removal of chlorine or water hardness improve eczema? (15)

Do antibacterial bath products help infected eczema? (14)

Should moisturisers (emollients) be used before and after bathing? (12)

How often should bedding be changed to avoid build-up of bacteria? (12)

How long after bathing should you apply flare control creams? (9)

What is best for washing hands – normal soap, antibacterial soap or antibacterial gel? (9)

Are non-soap washing options (e.g. ecoballs) better than soap washing powders? (7)

What is the best way to shave with eczema? (4)

Other question about bathing or washing when you have eczema (4)

Do chickweed baths help eczema? (3)